We tell the love story of your special day through captured moments and irrepressible expressions. Portraying your marriage photography big day in pictures is a passion for us. And why shouldn’t it be? We work hand-in-hand with talented wedding videographers. So getting “the shot” becomes a paramount concern.

"My interest in photography began whilst my father, Mr Ramesh Shah, was a professional wedding photographer in Nairobi in the 1960's and 1970's. He also had a dark room and I often spent my evenings seeing him develop some beautiful photos. Since then I have always had a passion to take beautiful creative photos for friends & family. I have a creative eye and enjoy creating some special images to last a lifetime" - Ajay Shah, Owner, Macaw Films.

It's not all about trendy or touched up images. It's about capturing that perfect moment; that elusive "moment between moments" that often passes without being noticed. 

We believe that capturing that precious moment will live on forever.

Our wedding photography style is candid, but we are able to capture bespoke-style photos too.

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Aerial Photography

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