Once upon a time

Everyone loves a story; be it on paper or on social media. Snapchat first started stories followed by Instagram, Messenger, Facebook and WhatsApp. In the last few years, the social media content that catches ones' eye is your STORY.

The biggest audience for stories is on Instagram and the benefit to the business is that you can see who has viewed your story thereby giving you useful insights as to who your audience is.

Stories suit our lifestyle and show the world how proactive you are as a business.

We at Macaw Films create beautiful visual stories for all your social media in the form of videos & photos. We create a series of them so that you have enough content.

Most platforms display stories for 24 hours, but on Instagram, you are then able to add them to the highlights where they remain permanently for viewers to watch.

We work together with you to create a plan to produce videos based around a few key areas: how you started, how you can provide a solution, behind the scenes (people love exclusivity), customer testimonials and product/service features & benefits.

Above all we make sure that the videos are relatable and not just a pushy sales pitch.

Our full day package delivers multiple social media friendly videos and photos. If you'd like to tell stories for your social media, please contact us and everyone can live happily ever after..

What's your story hun?


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