Drone Cheater !

Well, this was my facebook status yesterday with intent to spread the word to my community about the UK Drone Law.

Needless to say, there are many "drone operators" who "include" aerial footage in their quotes, say for a wedding shoot. I don't blame them ... it's only a drone right? No ! It's not just a drone, it's a hazardous machine, which can be lethal if used carelessly.

Anyone who wants to get paid for drone work, requires a Permission for commercial operations (which, of course, I hold) from the Civil Aviation Authority. Hang on, this isn't a license. In order to obtain this, I sat through a theoretical course for 4 days, passed the exam, wrote my own operations manual (53 pages) and passed a flight evaluation test under stressful conditions.

Is the Permission for life? Naaaaah ... It's only for 12 months.Renewal isn't just sending through the payment ... It's submitting your records over the last 12 months, a bit like a Self assessment tax return :-)

Together with your Permission, you also require the correct Insurance provided by specialist insurers.

So, the next time, someone offers you a cheap drone footage deal, ask them to show you their PfCO and Insurance !

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